Flower International designer
Step by step

Fffim Séoul - The soul of green JUNE 2018

Flower Designer for body décorations and fresh flower dresses

for Défillée in the " Grand Hayat Hotel " from Séoul in Corea.

Bienvenue dans mon Univers !

Welcome in my world !

Ici, vous pourrez trouvez toute mon actualité anisi que les differents liens concernant mes partenaires et projets.

Here you can find my actualities, and differents link from my partners and project.

Mon Livre, Inked & Blossom,  mélant fleurs, corps et tatouages.

My Book, Inked & Blossom, Mixing flowers nude body and Tatoos.

Des créations issues de diverses collaborations, Lehner Wolle, Fffim Seoul, Second flor, Floral Fondalentals, Nacre.....

Creations from different colaborations,
Lehner Wolle, Fffim Seoul, Second flor, Floral Fondalentals, Nacre.....

Les Centres de Formations que je représente aujourd'hui.

The Professional schools where i teach.

et bien-sûr une page de contact;

and off shure a contact page !

Floralement Vôtre !

Flowerly yours !

 Sarah Fleur


link for the book Inked and Blossom

IPM Floral Fondamentals

 IPM - Essen - Germany

Demonstration on the IPM event

By Floral Fondamentals  and G-Fresh Flowers place !! 

Workshop Irlande 2019
présentation Designer Floral Fondamentals

Sarah Fleur is half German, half French. Her mother being a florist, she knew how to transmit to Sarah the passion of the flower, she has a very natural style that she transmitted to her daughter.

In June 2017 she released “Inked & Blossom”, for a trilogy. This book merges several arts, that of photography, flowers and tattoos.

Her inspirations come from the world of other trades, other cultures, cinema notices a lot of elements in some fantasy films, for example fantastic, the manga is a beautiful source of inspiration too.

Her passions are many, but the main ones are flowers, tattoos and music.and she says, “Among all my passions, sharing is for me the key to all evolution. together we do so much more.”

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